Communication Post Response

Communication Post Responce

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1:Communication Post Responce

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The organization that I am employed with is named URS. URS is a company that contracts its services to the Department of Defense. The branch of service that I work with is the United States Army. My employer has the Army Preposition Stock contract here in Kuwait. Throughout the workday myself, fellow employees, and management communicate mostly through the email which is overseen by the United States Army through their Non-Classified Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRNet) (NIPRNet, 2014).
According to Milcom, Inc. (2014) it states that:
NIPRNET is used to exchange unclassified but sensitive information between “internal” users as well as providing users access to the Internet. NIPRNet is comprised of Internet protocol routers owned by the United States Department of Defense (DOD). It was created by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) to supersede the earlier MILNET. NIPRNet is, by design [a provider of] seamless interoperability for unclassified combat support applications, as well as providing a gateway to the public Internet (NIPR, n. p.).

My organization is always using the NIPRNET to communicate information to its employees. Usually the customer who is the United States Government (USG) contacts my company’s Logistics Operations Center (LOC), and gives directives that are called Taskers. These Taskers consists of various categories of equipment with specific instructions concerning what each department that is involved is suppose to do. The Tasker instructions also gives a deadline for the required delivery date to the customer. Throughout the workday, every department that is involved in a Tasker is earnestly communicating via NIPRNet with each other. This is to ensure that everyone has knowledge of what the other department is doing. The constant communication also keeps everyone informed so that less mishaps occur. I would say that my organization is very effective communicating necessary information to its employees. I say this because emails are constantly exchanged from upper management to supervisors and then to the employees. The only improvement that I see is that is needed from upper management down to the employee is email etiquette. I believe everyone in my organization should receive email etiquette training. We all at times can be a bit harsh towards one another, and that is because of the urgency of the missions that my company receives.

2: Implementation of the electronic medical record systems

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Health informatics professionals participate in teams working toward implementing new technologies in their healthcare organization. There is a need in the body of knowledge of health informatics and information management for research studies to support the effectiveness of utilizing health information technology (HIT), particularly as it impacts clinical areas. Assessing the impact of HIT on patient care, clinical staff behaviors, work flow, other processes within organizations, and outcomes related to all of these elements require objective evidence that results from research.

Think about the components of research as it would apply to a clinically based study in informatics. Consider how you could apply these concepts in the workplace to help grow the body of knowledge. In this task, you will review research on the implementation of a health information technology. You will then discuss how that research could be used to determine the effectiveness of implementing the technology in a medical workplace.
A. Provide a literature review of five academic sources (e.g. peer review journal articles, professional white papers, and professional association articles) that discuss the implementation of one of the following health information technologies:
• Electronic medical record systems

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