corporate social responsibility

corporate social responsibility

The post contains two Asighnmnents

1:Recommend and defend a new corporate social responsibility (CSR) project for a global, publicly traded organization.
select a global, publicly traded organization. (Hint: The Fortune 500 list of companies is a good source for this kind of information).
Research the chosen organization through primary and secondary sources and investigate the organization’s mission and vision statement and code of ethics. Begin thinking about a potential social cause you might recommend for the organization (that is different than any current social cause the organization pursues).

• Citing research from a variety of sources, including the company’s website, social media sites, company blogs, industry and trade sources, and other sources, provide a summary of the organization, including the organization’s products or services, customer or client base, areas of operation or distribution, history, main competition, and the organization’s current situation.
• Analyze the mission, vision, and values of this organization.
• Evaluate the ethical principles and policy under which the organization works.
• Defend the reasons (e.g., personal, professional) and rationale leading you to select the organization. What drew you to this particular organization?

2: Management Analysis

Order Description

The creation of a comprehensive Excel workbook with supporting charts and graphs and a short analysis of the data.

refresh and refine your skills in math and statistics before you tackle a real-world data set using Excel to analyze and display the data.
Quantitative reasoning uses a process similar to the qualitative research process in that you will first identify an issue or problem and then use mathematical formulas or an analytic tool to derive a solution. Construct graphs, charts, and tables to display data and inform analysis and interpretation. Evaluate the results of the information, draw analyses and validate them by applying them to the issue or problem.

Begin by watching the video above, which introduces the project as it might occur in the workplace, then continue with Step 1: Refresh Your Math, Statistics, and Excel Skills.
When you submit your project, your work will be evaluated using the competencies listed below. You can use the list below to self-check your work before submission.
1.1: Organize document or presentation clearly in a manner that promotes understanding and meets the requirements of the assignment.
1.2: Develop coherent paragraphs or points so that each is internally unified and so that each functions as part of the whole document or presentation.
1.4: Tailor communications to the audience.
1.5: Use sentence structure appropriate to the task, message and audience.
1.6: Follow conventions of Standard Written English.
3.1: Identify numerical or mathematical information that is relevant in a problem or situation.
3.2: Employ mathematical or statistical operations and data analysis techniques to arrive at a correct or optimal solution.
3.3: Analyze mathematical or statistical information, or the results of quantitative inquiry and manipulation of data.
3.4: Employ software applications and analytic tools to analyze, visualize, and present data to inform decision-making.

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