Effects of pollution?

Effects of pollution?
the post has two asighnments

1:What are the effects of pollution?

2: Forecasting and Decision Making in Human Resource Management

Order Description

Things to focus on:

-What’s the basic storyline of the case?
-What, if any, is the dilemma?
-How does this case pertain to decision making or forecasting?
-How will discussing this case help you in a real world situation?

Learning objective:

Multiple regression model development and interpretation, tying demand forecasts to staffing decisions, comparing the fit of different models.

3: Synthesis discussion

Order Description

provide high-quality work. The discussion should be supported with references that are correctly cited. The work should be at pHD level.


What does it mean to synthesize literature? Why does one synthesize literature for a literature review? How does synthesizing literature differ from summarizing literature?

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