The following post has two assignments namely;


In a Microsoft Word document, develop a 3 page paper about your chosen topic; including the title and background. In addition, provide a rationale for your topic choice and include a list of at
least five proposed references.

2.International Trade Law

‘I.What is the importance of the WTO in international trade?

2.What is the importance of International trade?

3.What is the importance of international law in Governments?

4. Thoroughly explain the distinction between the principle of “absolute” advantage and the principle of
“comparative” advantage and why is the latter principle so important for achieving efficiency in international
trade activities?

5. What are possible shortcomings of the principle or theory of “comparative” advantage?

6. Among the issues of efficiency in international trade activities and forms of government intervention,
choose one of the following two – tariffs or quota – and thoroughly discuss how government intervention
affects market efficiency of trade.

7. Discuss what an alternative government policy to a quota or tariff would be?

8. Given the Trump Administration’s intent of using a border tax, which is a form of tariff. in order to create
jobs in the United States, in what way could the intervention policy of an “optimal tariff” help the new US
government achieve its goal of more jobs?

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