Goal Setting Framework

The following post has two assignments namely;

1. Goal Setting Framework

The first of six steps of performance management consists of goal setting, as detailed in Chapter Three.
Assume that you work for the Los Angeles Tribune, a large but struggling newspaper publisher with
distribution throughout the Los Angeles region. Various problems have arisen that need to be addressed:
The cost of paper is rising

The cost of distribution is rising

Circulation revenue is down

Advertising revenue is down, largely due to free online listings offered by Craigslist and other online
advertising services

Customers are largely in the 40+ age range

The current number of employees cannot continue to be supported if revenue continues to shrink

You have been selected by the CEO to construct a goal-setting framework that focuses on three of the six
issues above. In your APA formatted two- to three-page paper, include a goal statement for each of the three
issues you’ve chosen and describe the corresponding strategies, tactics, activities, measures of success, and
goal measurements you recommend. Support each with your rationale, citing the textbook as necessary, and
be sure to provide specific examples within the activities section. In addition to your two to three pages of
written content, a title page and reference page are required.

2. Data Management

You are hired by a company in retail industry, and your job is to bring the company’s data to a stage that is
quick and easy to access. ownership is known. consolidate data. reduce data management costs. and move to
some form of new technologies for data storage.

In this assignment. you will write a proposal (report) to the executives of the company presenting your
solution. Your solution must address the following, and each must be explained in detail with the supporting
statements on the reasoning for your approach:

-Eliminating legacy data storage systems,

-Consolidating existing data,

-Easy and fast access.

-Setting up ownership for data, and

-Reducing the existing cost of data management.

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