“One Flew over the Cuckoo′s Nest who fits a ″deviant″

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.”One Flew over the Cuckoo′s Nest who fits a ″deviant″

In ″One Flew over the Cuckoo′s Nest who fits a ″deviant″ category? Briefly describe the nature of the persons behavior. What makes it deviant, and what is the response of those persons immediate
social circle and larger social context? Give 3 different possible theoretical explanations for the characters deviance and/or the social construction of their behavior as deviant. At leasr one
shortcomings of each explanation? From your perspective, which theory offers the strongest explanation for the characters deviant behavior within their particular social context? Why?

2.The Blame of Tradition: The Mississippi Delta

1. Is “traditional habits” the downfall of health and wellness?

mresearch and potentially blame a factor that is resisting health and wellness-

2. Is awareness being ignored because of the lack of affordability or are people just
scared of change?

“M discuss low income popularity and tying it to the cost of eating healthy, ALSO
discuss how small communities resist change because they are more interested in
keeping history alive.

3. Economically, will reducing obesity help community growth as most local food
businesses with unhealthy food depend on individuals to keep their business alive?
m“research business profits and how pulling back from them will affect the

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