How have social media transformed friendship and intimacy?

How have social media transformed friendship and intimacy?

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1:How have social media transformed friendship and intimacy?

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How have social media transformed friendship and intimacy?

the reality TV “Keeping up with the Kardashians ” and the second one is the DOVE Campaign #Nolikesneeded. Check this websites out.
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write about this terms and implement them:
1. Context Collapse
2. Gynaoptican where women watch another women
3. Intimacy

Keeping up with the Kardashiansa – related to intimacy and friendships. Can be related to intimacy because on this reality TV show, the Kardashians shows their intimacy life and they have no boundaries. They let the production team to film them everywhere they go, anytime. We can also relate it to the gynaoptican where women are watching other women or in other words, the girlfriend gaze. This is probably one of the most compelling reality TV show where a lot of women find it attractive to watch every week. By watching it they visualize themselves that probably one day they can have their luxury life and be as famous as they are. Kardashians are one good example that they have no dignity showing off their bodies on social media and a lot of women take examples from them by doing exactly the same.

The relationship b/w brands and customers. when we compliment a women she feels insecure and embarrassed, the campaign picture naked women and try to make them feel good about themselves. brand forms intimacy and friendship.

2: Compare and contrast two poems by the same author

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Topic: Choose two poems by the same author. Your choice of poems must not include any that appear on the syllabus or on handouts distributed prior to the due date of the paper. Compare and contrast the poems. Some bases for comparison include: the subject, the author’s attitude toward the subject, the use of poetic devices, language, and rhythmic principles.

Assignment Specifics: In a paper of no fewer than five pages, present the results of your analysis. Organize your material carefully and provide specific references to the poems. The paper should be well-organized, correctly formatted and free of technical errors. As stated in the English Department Guidelines, poor writing will have negative effects on your grade. Please refer to the English Department Guidelines distributed in class and posted under Assignments for specific expectations for your paper.

written comparing the following poems – “Terence, this is stupid stuff,” “Richard Cory,” “Ulysses, “One Art,” “Ars Poetica,” Ozymandias,” “My Last Duchess,” “the travelers curse after misdirection,” “a red, red rose,” “we real cool,” “the rebel,” “how do i love thee,” “the widows lament in the spring time,” “the spinster”

3: Discussion

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Directly answer the following questions:
1.a)When you consider your current or last role, what was one strength (i.e., autonomy) and one challenge (i.e., feedback) from a job design perspective? Share on the forum.
For Example: “From my last role I was in charge of T&D, Job Marching and Performance Management. I had a lot of Autonomy to create my own soft skills trainings which I matched with the core values of the company and therefore motivated employees towards a better performance. The challenge thing was that I had that much Autonomy that my Manager was not involved in my decisions since he had to attend other “important HR issues”. He trusted me that much up to the point of not caring about what I was training. Then when employees and managers started to talk about the workshops he highlighted the significance of my trainings and tasks.”
b)Today many of us are expected to do more with less at work. Do you feel that is due to a lack of good job design? Or is it something else? Share on the forum.
For Example: “This is a type of a motivation job design that is called Enlarging. However I do believe this is more a strategy for companies to reduce budget by downsizing their staff. Meanwhile they are “encouraging or motivating” their employee to do and learn more tasks. The reality is that not all employees agree to do more for the same salary also employees can get easily burn out and therefore leave the company.”
2. Many organizations skip the job description step and jump right to placing an ad. Why do you think this happens? What are the dangers of such an approach? Share on the forum.

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