Virtual Vehicle Inspection Process Interview In The USA

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Virtual Vehicle Inspection Process Interview In The USA

• Identify a location that you can see a vehicle/truck inspection. Examples include:
o Public or private school bus facility, Public transport facility, Public Fire station, Public Vehicle Rental agency
o UPS or FEDEX maintenance facility, State Weights and Inspections Station, or Police Maintenance facility
• Make an appointment for viewing the vehicle inspection process
• Complete the Interview Guide below
• Provide an image of the manager, facility, or fleet vehicle inspection
• if you can make arrangements to view a commercial vehicle inspection at a state authorized weights and inspection station. This would be an inspection by an authorized officer for
regulatory compliance.

How many vehicles are inspected in a week’s time period and how are they chosen for inspection?

What type of training or certification is required to perform this vehicle inspection?

What happens to this vehicle if a problem is discovered?

Is the driver or the agency responsible for the condition of the vehicle? Is a pre-driver inspection document reviewed in any manner?

Is a driver required to carry a vehicle maintenance report for this vehicle?


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