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1:Data Presentation

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Collect data for any health care related topic. You may use CDC data bases, or other reliable sources. Be sure to cite the source of your data. Prepared a Power Point presentation to share the data with an audience of your choice. Include an introduction slide summarizing the data collected and who your audience is. This information is for your instructor to use as a background when assessing your presentation. Illustrate your data using two different display methods ( graph, pie chart, etc). As part of your presentation ( included in speakers note) explain to your audience which display method best represent the message behind the data presented. Include speakers note or a separate transcript of the presentation speech. Include references ( minimum of two on a final slide in APA format.

2: Staffing Needs

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Health care managers are responsible for identifying staffing needs, including reductions and additions to their teams. There are two part to this assignment: Scenario 1 Staffing a coding business. You are manager of a small coding business that contracts with physicians. The owner of your business has asked you to evaluate if adding another coder will help increase revenue and other efficiency. You currently employed two coders, with annual salaries of $40,000, and $36,000. The each code and average of 6,500 records per person, per year. You are able to provide same training to a novice coder, therefore, you are open to interviewing applicants who code less than 6,500 records per year for this additional position. List the factors you should consider regarding adding a new coder to the business. What is the maximum annual salary you could pay a new hire. How many records per year will the new hire need to code in other to make this additional new hire a smart business decision. Explain your answers, including calculation of unit cost. Scenario 2 Case Mix for Hiring a New Physician. You are a manager responsible for hiring a new hospitalist physician. You have several qualified applicants, ready to be interview. In approximately 100 words, explain the concept of case mix. In Q & A Format, provide three possible questions the applicants might ask you. At least one of the question case mix. Conduct research as needed to formulate our answers, with should include applicable ( fictional) statistical data. The assignment submission should include a minimum of 3 references overall.

3:Music and Musicals

Topic: Music and Musicals
– Focus 3 sources on your specific research topic and how that influenced the
world at the time it happened.
– Focus 3 sources on how your research topic is influencing the world today.

– First, cite each source in a standard
MLA Works Cited page format.
Make sure the citations are in
alphabetical order
annotate each source
(in three paragraphs):
Brief summary of important information about the source/author.
Intended audience. Analyze the tone of the work and its language; these will be strong clues to audience and value of the work.
why is this an important source? Where does it fit in the body of research on this topic?
How might you use this sourcein the research paper?
The format for this section will go:
citation, then annotation, then another citation, then annotation for that
source, and so on until you have six.
Each citation and annotation needs to follow standard annotated
bibliography format.

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