Substance Abuse and Comorbidity

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1:Substance Abuse and Comorbidity

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Unfortunately, individuals living with a co-occurring mental disorder are more likely to abuse drugs or alcohol. One population that has struggled with substance abuse
and comorbidity is veterans returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Their returning to society after witnessing traumatic events and not always having the
appropriate resources or treatment has contributed to substance abuse-related disorders. Understanding the prevalence of comorbidity of substance abuse and addiction
with certain mental health diagnoses is important for clinical practice.

identify the presenting problem for Jake Levy.

By Day 3
Post a clinical diagnosis of Jake using the DSM-5 criteria, ICD-10-CM and the information presented in the Levy Family video and case. Describe how you arrived at this
diagnosis and what behaviors and/or symptoms met the criteria for this diagnosis. Be sure to use the inputs from Other Conditions That May Be a Focus of Clinical
Attention. Analyze your diagnosis and the comorbidity of substance use and other disorders that exist in this case study. What would be your first area of focus in
treating Jake?

2: Public Health (My health and the SE model)

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Requirements are attached in the document titled “Assignment 1 FAQs”.

Assignment 1 Question
1) Identify ONE lifestyle/behaviour relevant to you (some options are: diet, physical activity, sleep, smoking, alcohol consumption)
2) Examine the factors within the socio?ecological framework that hinder and promote your chosen lifestyle or behaviour. Only use the Dahlgren? Whitehead SE model
discussed in the lecture.

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