Cross Cultural Relationships

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Cross Cultural Relationships

Assessment Instructions:
Read the case scenario and answer the question:

Case scenario:

Adonis and his two (2) children have fled their war-torn home country where his wife was killed. They have recently arrived in Australia as refugees to make a new life for themselves. The family
began at the service two (2) weeks ago. Adonis has a son, Rafie who is four years old, and a daughter, mara who is seven years old.
Adonis has limited english and he was able to tell another educator, kastia, in home language that he is finding it very difficult to run the family household. He has to learn to cook and clean,
but because he finds this so time consuming, mara has taken on a lot of her mothers tasks within the household.

Rafie is a very quiet child. He often sits in the cubby house nursing a doll. He also spends a lot of time in the kitchen play space with the other children. They take turns making and serving

Adonis once found Rafie with a doll and was angry about it. He took him by the arm, saying ‘no no’ and sat him down to play with the trucks. He spoke to him angrily in home language and looked at
you, shaking his head saying , “no dolls, he’s a boy”.

Sometimes the children serve afternoon tea to each other. On another occasion Rafie had put on an apron and was serving sandwiches with tongs when Adonis came to pick the children up early.
He shouted: ‘My son is not a woman!” Rafie was upset but he didn’t say anything. Kastia said something to Adonis in home language and he calmed down.

Question to answer from the scenario:

How will you work through the communication difficulties while still promoting home language and linguistic diversity? Make sure you refer to:
Body language,
oral communication,
use of interpreter who is present ‘Kastia’

2.Community public health

Define public/community health nursing • Define primary, secondary, and tertiary levels of prevention • Give examples of each level of prevention • Describe the nurse’s roles and
responsibilities in community and public health nursing • Explain current issues community and public health nurses face

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