The Democratic and Republican parties

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.The Democratic and Republican parties

It has been said that political parties can be thought of like designer brand jeans. On the one hand, parties
must project an image that is broad enough to appeal to a large audience of potential voters. In our
popular political discourse, this is often referred to as widening the tent. On the other hand, parties must
also appeal to a base of supporters who have a proven track record of loyalty. We call this energizing or
galvanizing the base. So political parties, much like designer brand jean companies, have the difficulty of
balancing the need to attract new customers while making sure that their current customers continue to
consume their product. To understand the behavior of our political parties better, we need to think like the
political operatives who work to sell a party brand that Americans will support.

1 Demonstrate a nuanced understanding of the Democratic and Republican parties.
2 Apply knowledge of those political parties to social media and think like a political strategist.
3 Demonstrate creative thinking abilities by producing a unique series of party branding ads.

2.Gold mining on the Moon

Assume that NASA discovered a gold deposit on the surface of the Moon with average gold grade of 5% by volume. The dimensions of the orebody are 1000m by 1000m by 500m (deep).
Suggest a reliable, efficient and cost effective solution for mining out the gold deposit and for processing the gold.
Make reasonable assumptions for the calculation and about the operating conditions, energy sources, economics for mining and gold processing on the Moon

3.“An Introduction To The Principles of Morals and Legislation”

Jeremy Bentham developed a technique he termed a “hedonic calculus.” Describe this technique using citations from the Bentham excerpt that you find at the below site. Bentham intended for this
“calculus” to be applied to every moral judgment. Is this statement correct?

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