Nursing Problem

Nursing Problem

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1:Nursing Problem

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Discussion Guidelines

1. Write a couple of sentences to introduce the nursing problem/topic you have chosen and why this problem is of interest to you.

2. Write out your identified problem using the PICO format.
P (population) = people with diabetes on medical unit
I (nursing intervention you are proposing) =diabetes self-management education
C (current standard of care) =medication therapy alone
O (outcome or goal your intervention will achieve) =improved glycemic control

3. Write out your sample research question for your identified problem and proposed nursing intervention.
Example: from above PICO: In people with diabetes on a medical unit (P), what is the effect of diabetes self-management education (I), on glycemic control (O), compared with the use of medication therapy alone.

4. Post one full text research article from a peer reviewed journal that supports your chosen nursing problem/nursing intervention. Try using CINAHL hosted through the JMU library. Please note: The article must have been published in the last 5 yrs.
Example: (see article attached under the guidelines here on the discussion directions)

5. Using your posted article answer the following questions: (This will give you practice determining the important points/information an article contains)
a. What type of research is the article presenting? Is it quantitative or qualitative? See if you can determine which specific method was used for the research. (quantitative—selected methods: descriptive, correlational, quasi-experimental, or experimental; qualitative- selected methods: phenomenological, grounded theory, ethnography, or historical)—if you do not know at least make an educated guess—no penalty for wrong answer

b. What is the problem statement presented by the author(s)?

2:leadership & transformational leadership relation with character education

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Literature review on:
1) Instructional leadership ( definition, components, PIMRS method ..etc)
2) Transformational leadership ( definition, components, MLQ method ..etc)
3) Combining instructional leadership with transformational leadership ( from a school perspective, benefits, previous studies on this combination)
4) Character education ( different definitions, components, difference from moral education)
5) Role of leadership in implementing character education

Innovation is critical for countries to develop as it is the key to increasing mar-ket share and business profits and even to avoid bankruptcy (Baer &Frese, 2003; Dodgson, Gann, & Salter, 2005; George & Zhou, 2001; Kleysen& Street, 2001) since it is related to advances in knowledge that leads to better health, education and improvements in technology (West &Altink, 1996) and is crucial for success (Unsworth& Parker, 2003).

3: BrightSoft

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Complete all of the following questions:
Discussion Questions What according to you is the main problem at BrightSoft? How can the senior managers be motivated to participate actively? How can a new leadership orientation and governing structure provide a solution to the problem? Who should lead the change?
Clear, concise, and succinct responses are required. Remember, you need not write a novel for case question/responses!

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