Precursor to the modern version of the instrument

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Precursor to the modern version of the instrument

Describe one precursor to the modern version of the instrument, including its cultural
context (i.e. how & when it was played), design features, and its playable range of notes
(sometimes referred to as its ‘tuning’). In what important ways did it differ from the
modern version?
• Many instruments belong to a family of instruments that share basic features, differing
mainly in size and range. Describe other instruments in the same family as your chosen
instrument, when they were first commonly used, and how they are primarily used today.
• What factors stimulated the development of the instrument towards the version we use
today? Who were the important people involved in that process and what did they do?
• Choose a particular element or component of the modern instrument and describe how
that element has evolved over time (include names and dates) and what effect the
changes had on the sound and/or the way the instrument is played. Examples of violin
family elements: overall size, overall shape, the f-holes, choice of wood, structural
elements (such as the bass bar), the bridge, use of varnish. Examples of wind instrument
elements: the mouthpiece, bell, keys or valves, tuning mechanisms, etc.
• Describe early attempts to scientifically analyze this instrument.
• Write a couple paragraphs describing something else you learned about this instrument.

2.The major features of capitalism.

Define and identify the major features of capitalism. Then explain why capitalism is so important to American political culture. What are the advantages of capitalism? What does it do particularly
well? What are the negative aspects of capitalism? What policies does the United States use to limit these negative consequences? Further, what programs in the United States government’s budget do
not fit the definition of a “free-market economy principle?

3.How to increase graduate employability in Australia

prepare a research report about “how to increase graduate employability in Australia”.

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