verbal and motor accomplishments

The post has two asighnments

verbal and motor accomplishments

1:Study the list of verbal and motor accomplishments given below, and list the order in which you think each accomplishment occurs:

Order of Development Motor and Verbal Ability

________ Walks alone; says several words

________ Describes the difference between a bird and a dog

________ Turns head to follow moving object

________ Names penny, nickel, and dime

________ Climbs stairs; says many words

________ Laces shoes

________ Sits alone for 1 minute; says “da-da”

________ Tells how a baseball and an orange or an airplane and a kite are alike

________ Puts on shoes

________ Tells time to quarter hour

________ Runs; uses simple word combinations

________ Walks while holding on to something

Step 2: Answer the following questions:

1. Study the order of accomplishments that you have identified. Describe any rules or patterns that you think apply to the order. Justify your conclusions with appropriate examples from the list.

2. Which of the accomplishments do you think come about chiefly through maturation? Which involve training? Do you see any trends here? Identify the trends and justify your conclusions with appropriate examples.

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3: Critical Appraisal Essay

Order Description

Marking criteria:

Case 1

The pharmacist attending the multi disciplinary diabetic outpatient clinic .A 63 year old lady SH presents for her six monthly review .
Her medications are:

Metformin 1g bd and Dapagliflozin 10mg od.

Her HbA1C is 53mmol/L and all her blood biochemistry is also within normal ranges. She is comfortable with this, unfortunately she currently has a urinary tract infection and has had quite a few of these of late. Consider the medications the patient is taking and critically appraise the literature which evaluates the association between these and the recurrent urinary tract infections.
What course of action would you recommend?

Case 2

A newly diagnosed Stage IV lung cancer patient is discussing his treatment options with his consultant. The patient expresses his reluctance to receive traditional
chemotherapy and enquires whether he is a candidate for the pemrolizumab.
Tumour profile:

Non-small cell lung cancer

PD-L1 positive: tumour proportion score=60%
EGFR +ve

Critically appraise the literature surrounding the use of pembrolizumab in this patient
and provide a recommendation

Each case requires two articles to be appraised and each case needs to be half a page.

The articles need to obtained from sources such as science direct, pubmed and other uk based research.

The essay needs to contain statistical results such as P values etc.

For pharmacy student 4th year

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