Adlerian Theory

Adlerian Theory
The post contains two asighnments
1: Case Conceptualization using Adlerian Theory

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The conceptualization involves 2 steps:


a. What are the most important concepts?
b. Per the theory, what are the characteristics of a healthy personality?
c. What are the factors that contribute to the problem(s)? How does the process of development get stuck?
d. Does the theory propose stages of the client’s life that are considered significant in the developmental process and if so, how?
e. What does the theory say about “who” has contributed to the client’s development and if/why that is important?
f. Place the following in order from most important to least important in the theory, how would you order them?: emotion, cognition, behavior, interpersonal relationships, and physiological symptoms


a. How does the theory account for the presenting problem?
b. How are other aspects of the situation accounted for by the theory?
c. Based on this theory, what changes need to occur?
d. How can you –as a professional– help make those changes?
e. How will you recognize improvement?

Part III: Treatment Plan (Based on Jongsma, A. E., Peterson, L. M., & Bruce, T. J. (2014). The complete adult psychotherapy treatment planner. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley and Sons).
With each conceptualization, you will also develop a treatment plan. Using the steps/stages/phases suggested by the theory, you will identify what you would do to help the client. Use the language of the theory but be sure you tailor the plan to your client.

Identify short-term, intermediate, and long-term goals (you have up to one page, typed, double-spaced). This may be written in bulleted format using the following format:

2: an article related to a Legal Issue or Healthcare Issue/Policy

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Select an article of interest from a nursing journal or a multidisciplinary healthcare journal. The article should focus on a legal or healthcare issue/policy that has implications to nursing such as nursing staffing, mandatory overtime, Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goals, mandatory reporting of health-care associated infections, etc.

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