The Challenges of HRCI Exams

The following post has three assignmnets namely;

1.The Challenges of HRCI Exams

Describe the HRCI Exam Content Outline for the examination you plan to take. To what extent are you familiar
with the HRCI Exam Content Outline for the examination you will be taking?

Analyze the background knowledge areas you can draw from. including academic learning and professional
experience. If you have none, that is OK. Career changers may or may not have any direct background
experiences that apply.

Assess how you see the course’s content material and the HRCP platform integrating to support your goal of
passing your selected examination.

Analyze areas of personal weaknesses to focus on during your studying. considering areas of HRM with which
you are less familiar (for example, content areas, test-taking strategies for the examination, and so on).

2.Communication in health

Discuss the leadership needed from a research articles by focusing on how leaders can inspire, respect, and reward their followers to accomplish tasks. Focus on the leadership of healthcare
workers and medical teams using the new telemedicine technologies.

Create a PowerPoint presentation that evaluates the leadership needed to support medical teams and provide services to rural populations using telemedicine technologies.

3.Information technology

Write an essay paper Evaluating if information technology driven procurement improves strategic sourcing for internal and external customer of Tesco

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