Information Security

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Information Security

Question No. 1 When we consider the potential threat posed by a hacker, the first step in preparing to respond to this threat is to break the threat down into different categories. You anticipate
that a hacker will attempt to intrude into the network with the objective of: 1. Copying some files 2. Defacing the Web page 3. Stealing credit card numbers How many “threat categories” does this
threat represent? Question No. 2 1. list some ways in which a social engineering system hacker can attempt to gain information about a user’s login ID and password. 2. How would this type of
attack differ when the target is an Administrative Assistant versus a Data Entry Clerk as the target?

2.Strategy HR

All organizations that have a payroll also have a compensation strategy. The strategy may have developed informally from the pay decisions made, or have been inferred based on the organization’s
compensation practices over time. The best practice type of strategy assumes that there is a best practice for compensating employees that will garner better employee performance in any business or
organization setting. In the best fit compensation strategy, which is more widely accepted and used, four steps are used to develop a planned total compensation strategy. The first three steps are
to assess the total compensation implications, fit the policy decisions to the strategy, and then implement the strategy. The last step is to reassess and realign the strategy as internal and
external conditions require a change or adjustment. Traditional compensation methodology is restrictive, creating boundaries to limit income, schedule, hours, accountability, and potential while
focusing on individual performance.

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