The following post has three assignments namely;


interview ELL, ESL, or ELD instructor from a Title I school about how assessment is used for placement. You may interview one of the instructors that you have observed during this course. Inquire
also about how placement is determined for both special education and gifted ELLS.

What are the indicators of exceptionality a classroom teacher should look for when a student also has a language barrier? How can informal as well as formal assessment results factor into
placement? What role do parents and teachers have in placement? What are some primary factors that are exhibited in underachievement that may not necessarily signal special education needs? How are
changes among individual ELL proficiency levels over the course of the school year accounted for? How are diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments integrated for ELLS in mainstream
classrooms? What are the benefits of the STOP protocol for native English speakers as well as those for whom English is an additional language?

2. Market Strategy Questionnaire

Many small and beginning firms make a strategic mistake and try to compete with a “Low Cost Producer’ strategy. Answer the following questions:

1. Why is this a strategic mistake for most small and/or new companies to try this? 2. Generally, what should be the marketing strategy of a small and/or new company? Why? Provide outside research.

3. Business

Read the following hypothetical case, then address each of the following issues in a separate paragraph or two, with each response identified by the corresponding letter of the issue you are
addressing. Your responses should reflect issues you have studied in the unit chapters, and must be your own work. If you do incorporate other sources, be sure to clearly identify them as such. All
submissions are expected to be college level work, with appropriate spelling, grammar, formatting, etc., and must be submitted in .doc or .dox format.
Eddy has the world’s best recipes for Chili and Hot Dogs, and at the urging of family and friends, is finally opening his restaurant, “Fast Eddy’s”. He has ample personal resources from his fortune
earned as a stock trader, so finance is not a concern. He does however, have limited experience as a business operator, and has some decisions to make. Please address the following questions to
help him make his choices.

1. Given the fact that he will be opening a restaurant and knowing a little about his personal situation, what legal form of ownership would you recommend he use? Please give your rationale for
your recommendation, including any possible downsides to the form.
2. He anticipates being open for lunch and dinner, with both eat in and take out options available, 6 days a week. Initially, he plans to hire approx. 25 employees. What formal organizational
structure would you recommend he use? Provide a simple organizational chart and explain the pros and cons of this choice.
3. Eddy wants to have happy employees, as he believes that will result in better performance. Please make one specific suggestion for a motivating technique he could employ, and explain what
motivational theory it relates to.
4. The idea of franchising his idea has crossed his mind. If he were to take that step, what issues, positive and negative, would you anticipate him encountering in the early years of his

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