Nueromatrix pain concept

Nueromatrix pain concept

The post has two asighnments

1:Melzack and Wall′s pain control theory compared to the Nueromatrix pain concept

Write a 1.5 page summary describing and explaining Melzack & Wall’s Gate Control Theory of Pain. See the module for relevant scientific articles by Melzack, etc. Write the remaining 1.5 pages (of 3) summarizing & explaining Melzack’s proposal about Pain and the Neuromatrix with a conclusion paragraph that compares/integrates the two article concepts (Gate Control Theory & Neuromatrix). *APA format with citations in text with APA Reference page (see Home Page). Format = Cover Page + Minimum of 3 full- typed pages, double-spaced, of text with the source citations included within text (APA format) + Reference page in APA format (with 3 professional reference sources in course (the 2 scientific original articles in module are mandatory, then you can choose from among the textbook and other website sources in module (see Week 2 Websites in module), for a total of 5 reference sources. = Total minimum total of 5 pages submitted. (No abstract needed in any paper for this class).

2:The Impact on the Advances of Technology in Human Resources

the impact of the advances of technology in human resources″

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