The State Government of Victoria

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1:The State Government of Victoria

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The State Government of Victoria Economy Strategy to determine key expectations of the strategy, draw in government identified ‘key regional areas’ to undertake a gap analysis to Benalla, Beechworth, Shepparton and Yarrawonga and provide recommendations as to possible responses framed by VTIC Student Entrepreneurial Award 2018.

The final submission will be a collation of the separate aspects of the project to a cohesive report that could be used as a submission to industry. Students, although working collegiately on data and data analysis will submit individual reports.

• Aims of the research project
• Summation of key points from the Visitor Strategy
• Method used to undertake this research project
• Gaps identified between key regional areas and the selected focus areas of this project
• Key findings from literature review & road trip data collection
• Discussion of the data
• Conclusions
• Recommendations

The conclusions and recommendations will align to the VTIC Student Entrepreneurial Award criteria 1:

1. The idea presented must satisfy a current or future need in the visitor economy.
Entries must identify and address a current or future need in the visitor economy. The likely benefits should be defined and entries must demonstrate how demand will be met.
in the word document would be highlighted the important information that you should use for this paper

Monetary policy and asset price

Order Description

Monetary policy and asset price.

include some literature review, theoretical basis, and empirical evidence from your own data analysis.
have the monetary and asset price topic aimed at China economic.
ese are two articles that related, but I want the paper based on the most current period and from the year 2008 to now range

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