Evaluate a Current History High School Textbook

The following post has two assignments namely;

1. Evaluate a Current History High School Textbook

Select a chapter from a textbook (or a reading in an anthology) used in your content area, analyze carefully the text’s structure & style, content information, charts and illustrations, practice
exercises, the glossary which the content and the activities are presented, etc.:

Share your opinion on whether (or not) the language is appropriate to the level and the student population you have encountered in your classroom (observations): Provide examples

Focusing on a the selected section, discuss what author does (or does not do) to ensure that the section, the language is NOT a hindrance to comprehension and learning. Provide specific examples.
Examine how or whether (or not) the practice exercises (questions) promote critical thinking and use of content language.
How effective are the glossary and non-linguistic tools (charts, graphic organizers and illustrations in facilitating content comprehension? Provide evidence.
Raise any instances of bias (linguistic economic, cultural, gender, religious, etc.) that can hinder students’ motivation to read and discuss the content, etc.

2.Employee relations

1. Statistics show that the reward for being a trade union member is a significant wage premium. Why are so many workers reluctant to join a trade union?

2. Evaluate the impact of TUC and other trade union initiatives to support equality and diversity in creating successful working environments for all staff.

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