Research philosophy

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1:Research philosophy

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An essay about different research philosophies in social science, as debates and which one suitable for implementation innovation in sociality, and why? The methodology will be the multiple-case study by semi structure interviews community members, face to face, also through observation. The data will be analysis through using thematic analysis approach, and then axial coding.

The Essay should be well argued and theoretical.

The outline should contain: introduction, literature review (include different theories such as ontology, epistemology, axiological, feminism. Interpretivism, positivism, realism, inductive and deductive reasoning), research problems, methodology, data collection and analysis, reliability, validity, ethics, conclusion.

Reference should be not less than 10 references, including high ranking, article and books. I prefer if you use some references such as,
• Business research methods- BRYMAN
• Management research – Richard Thorp and Paul Jacson.
• Case study research- YIN.
• Research Philosophy Debates and Classifications: Students’ Dilemma -Marcia Mkansi and Edwin Asiamah Acheampong
• The ultimate guide to Written a dissertation in business studies, joun

2:Critically discuss whether a leading company like 3DS should now consider a merger strategy or seek an alternative way to consolidate and grow its global 3D printing business.

3: Sociology of Aging Health

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1. Integrate the PRB video “The Death Rate, and chapter readings to compare aging and mortality in the developed and developing world.
2. Contrast the future of aging in the developed world with the future of aging in the developing world

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