Thomas Newcomen

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Thomas Newcomen

Tell me why this person is remembered. Why does this person “Live” beyond its years. Why are we still talking
about them it now? Speak NOT of the person or their doing but everything that happened because of the or in
spit of their doings!! This is an overview of a person legacy and life‘s consequences. This is NOT a
biographical information about this person.

2.Chief Edward Flynn was the Chief of the Milwaukee Wisconsin Police Department

Leadership is essential in any law enforcement organization. Recently retired, Chief Edward Flynn was the
Chief of the Milwaukee Wisconsin Police Department. Like most leaders. Flynn had his ups and downs. Police
shootings. protests and a vote of no confidence from the police union to name a few. Still, Flynn persevered
and continued to lead the police department. Profile Chief Flynn, with particular attention to his leadership
style, and his decisions as the leader of the Milwaukee Police Department. Do you believe Chief Flynn was an
effective leader? Why or why not? Please provide examples to support your conclusion. As a final thought to
your case study, place yourself in the position of a police chief. How would you instill leadership qualities in
rookie police officers from from day one of the training academy? How would you continue to instill
confidence in aspiring leaders? Finally, how would you address leadership failures within the ranks?

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