Aristotle’s Poetics.

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Aristotle’s Poetics.

Review the Power Point for Aristotle’s Poetics.

Pay Particular attention to the order in which the importance of play constructions is spelled out by the Ancient Greek teacher. The order of Poetics and their six part structure could not have
been any more important for Aristotle.

Over the centuries that the essay has been written, many playwrights and storytellers have broken from this method of play structure but you can always see the six elements within any story when we
look. This includes television and film.

It is important that we begin to see how film, Theatre and TV, tend to fall into categories that help us engage with that storytelling medium. As we move through the course of our semester we will
see how understanding Genre, Style and Poetics as an approach help us gain a fuller insight into what our film-makers, play-makers and storytellers want to us receive and react to when they tell
their stories. In this way tragedy, cultural background, sociopolitical, class, race, relationship issues can be raised and addressed in a clearer way.

For this exercise you are to choose a favorite film of yours and decide how that movie is arranged with the main six categories that Aristotle gives us. Why does this movies fall within its
specific category? What about the nature of the storytelling tells you that this movie is a plot driven movie, a character driven movie, an idea movie, a story that is about the language, a story
that is rooted and driven with music or a story that is driven by its spectacle

2.A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings

In a clear, thoughtful, and well-supported literary essay of at least 5 paragraphs, discus how “A very old man
with enormous wings” can be read as a critique of both human nature and social institutions (ie. government
and organized religion). Include a strong thesis.

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