The post has two asighnments


Are computers slowly controlling how we interact with other people? Provide examples to support your main points. (150 words)

Find one article on the Internet that is related to the question, and provide the web address for this article along with a summary of the article contents.(100 words)

2;Turkish Airlines Advertisement

show the commercials with Messi, Kobe Bryant, Morgan Freeman and more.The sponsor of Turkish Airlines Euroleague (Basketball). How these ads help Turkish Airlines to grow? This is a presentation so it should be all slides.
The matrix of important stakeholders in the advertising field is vast – full service agencies, in-house agencies of huge companies, specialized service providers, etc. We will discuss much of this early in the course. Students working individually are expected to find a company of interest to them in this matrix and to prepare a ​10 minute presentation [a maximum length 8-minute presentation, plus up to 2 additional minutes for Q&A]​ about their history, their work (notable client examples, technologies they’ve created, etc.), competitors, and any other aspects of relevance. gathered online and via interviews / email exchanges with current and former employees of these companies.

1. Visual aides effectiveness
2. Demonstrates research about the company / industry
3. Demonstrates application of concepts and theories from course readings, discussion, and guest speakers
4. Quality of responses to audience questions

3;Response papers are 2 page informal papers.

Argument. The critical perspective readings are distinct from general textbook readings because their aim is to present a specific argument, interpretation or agenda. Many of the readings focus on a specific set of issues to persuade or provoke the reader. Provide an analysis of the argument(s) presented by the author.

What is the main argument? What evidence (facts) is provided to support this argument (give at least 2 examples)? Are you convinced of the author’s perspective based on the evidence presented?

It is important to indicate your own responses to the readings and clearly articulate why you agree or disagree with the viewpoints presented.

Language/Context. what kind of text is it (e.g. autobiography, scholarly article, historical text)? Consider the title of the essay and ask what it reveals about the content. Are there any historical factors that inform the ideas or assumptions of the author? Does the writer make references to persons outside the immediate field of art? (i.e. psychoanalysis, literature, sociology, etc.) What does this tell us about the writer’s focus?

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