Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

How is the UCC both similar to and different from the common law of contracts? Is there a need for a similar
type of code for the international sale of goods? Identify and discuss at least one law or legal principle that
governs contracts for the international sale of goods or the resolution of international contract disputes and
offer insight into how accounting professionals can best adapt to the ever-changing international climate.

2. The henderson case

Imagine that the Supreme Court has issued a decision that reverses Arizona v. Hicks (1987). and the Supreme
Court under a new case (fictional case), entitled New York v. Henderson (2016), now holds that the plain view
doctrine does allow police officers to seize on less than probable cause, any item they happen to see that is in
“plain view.”
Write an essay of 750 words that addresses the following:

What procedural steps would a law enforcement agency need to implement in order to honor the New York
v. Henderson case?

What portion of the Constitution does the “plain-view” doctrine concern? How does that portion of the
Constitution affect public policy regarding criminal law?

If a policing agency disagrees with the Henderson case. are they required to follow the case or may they be
allowed to provide more procedural safe guards as inferred in Arizona v. Hicks? Provide examples.

What happens if various interpretations of the “plain view” doctrine create significant differences between

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