Consequence of Roman Imperial Expansion.”

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Consequence of Roman Imperial Expansion.”

Between 350 and 133 BC Rome established an empire which stretched from Asia Minor (modern day Turkey) in the East to Spain in the West. The Roman attitude toward foreign relations and military
engagement changes during this period, and imperial expansion had social and political consequences in Rome.

What wars fought over this time period led to the acquisition of new territories? What wars were fought and what territories were acquired?

How do Rome’s motives for initiating the 3rd Punic War signal a change in the Roman attitude toward military engagement, thus setting the stage for more wars of conquest in the future?
According to Thomas Martin, imperial expansion produced “unexpected social and economic” changes in Rome. What are these changes and how do they set the stage for internal political conflict in
Rome from 133 to 79 BC? Explain the connection between the growth of latifundia and the reform efforts of Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus. Explain the rise of a new type of military and political
leader called “the new man” (novus homo).
To show how Roman society and “republican” politics change over the course of four centuries, contrast the ideal “constitutional” dictatorship of Cincinnatus in the 5th century BC (as described by
Livy) with the dictatorship of Sulla in the 1st century BC. What erosion of Roman social values and collapse of “republican” institutions are evident in rise and rule of Sulla?
Incorporate your answers to these questions in an essay on the topic, “Consequence of Roman Imperial Expansion.” Length: 750-1000 words. Due date: Sunday, February 4 (before midnight).

2.How infection control nurses beneficial for hospitals and organization.nd

introduction about infection control and prevention and background about that and why we should care about that and add a goal of theses in last page.In rest chapter what is infection control
process, how infection spread by health care professional and brief discussion about infection control program for nurses how it beneficial for nurse and hospitals. In addition what are skills and
duties of infection control nurses and examine 5 best practices ans give suggestions to improve that.

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