Sexual Orientation: Nature Versus Nurture

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Sexual Orientation: Nature Versus Nurture

Is sexual orientation created by nature or nurture? Clients will present with strong beliefs in both directions. For this discussion, identify your personal beliefs regarding nature versus nurture,
and discuss how you might work with clients who take strong positions that differ from your own.

Respond to at least one of your peers’ posts who has listed strategies that differ from yours and that you think you can incorporate into your own practice. Describe what it is about those
strategies that resonates with you.

2.Carbon Policy.

In approximately 2000 words (with a maximum of 3000 words), evaluate the carbon policy of Ontario,
Quebec and Alberta. Write a short note that helps us understand the policy’s political origin, its goals,
and how it works. In your description pay special attention to the following aspects:
1) The coverage of the policy. Discuss the sectors/actors covered and exempted. How does the
policy implement over time? If applicable, how is trading within and between jurisdictions
2) The mechanism of the policy. Is it an upstream or downstream program? How is the
enforcement of the policy designed and implemented? Which institutions are involved. Were
new institutions developed, or enhanced for implementation?
3) Discuss the incidence of the policy. Does it impact the poor, or the rich? Discuss, if any, the
burden for low income families. Does it impact certain groups of consumers/producers and
not others? Also, discuss the use of revenue (if any) from the policy.

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