Human relations

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Human relations

Respond to the items below.
1. If people are already paid by their employer to carry out a job, why should it still be important
for somebody to motivate them?
2. Suppose a worker is much more interested in personal and family life than performing well or
getting promoted. What approach might the worker’s supervisor use to motivate him or her
toward high performance?
3. A major strategy for helping others grow and develop is to be a nurturing, positive person.
Discuss how a nurturing person promotes the growth of others.
4. What is your opinion on whether workers have a responsibility to help each other grow and

2.The role of risk management within the homeland security enterprise

Examine the role of risk management within the homeland security enterprise. Note this is not just asking about DHS but the entire “enterprise” including many other federal agencies and critical
state, local and private sector organizations as well.

The basic equation for risk is defined as R = f (C’V‘T) where R is the level of risk, 0 is
the consequences (public health, our economy, government action, public confidence
in our institutions) of an attack V is an assessment of the vulnerability of a potential
target (how hard or easy it would be for it to be hit by terrorists) and T is the threat or
the likelihood that a specific target will suffer an attack or disaster from a specific
weapon. The Department of Homeland Security has stated that it will apply risk
management principles to homeland security operations and has stated that
“Ultimately, homeland security is about effectively managing risks to the Nation’s
security” (DHS, 2010, p. 2). Drawing upon your class readings and additional research
you conduct, examine how risk management is used by the homeland security
enterprise and how that use benefits such aspects as resource allocation, strategic
planning, grant funding, or any other homeland security-related initiatives. Technical
Requirements: Format your paper exactly like the example paper attached to the
midterm paper instructions – use that as a template for your paper.

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