Ethical Isssues

2.7 Watch this video. You could probably chunk it down and watch it in five short sections. The nurses who
made it challenge you with some examples from their practice. They take practice-based situations and make
ask questions using ethical principles and concepts.

Discuss the video, the principles and the questions raised in using them in your Learning Set. What would you
do in each situation? How good can you be and what influences you?‘I-pOBw5i8




Some people may suggest that Jannott experiences a mental illness. How might her autonomy of thought and
autonomy of will be affected by ill health? What would be the general aim of this woman’s mental
healthcare? How does this aim relate to autonomy?

Actually. her surgeon thinks that Jannott needs surgery too. She is asked to sign a pre-operative consent
form. although she does not fully understand what is going to happen to her. How might her autonomy of will
and autonomy of action be affected? How might the person seeking her consent enhance this woman’s

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