Community and violence

The following post has two assignments namely;

1. Community and violence

Consider the following quote from the article by Correa-Cabrera et al:

A power vacuum has been created by the collapse of the State in several states in Mexico. The drug cartels
have filled the void using social media to present their claims to control Mexican institutions to the detriment
of its citizens.”

A power vacuum is created when no legitimate authority exists to exert control in a certain geographical area;
whether it be a city, state or country. Violence and power vacuums are intimately related to each other.
Power vacuums are at the heart of much of what we will explore this semester. Power vacuums are not only
created by lack of a command presence, but also lack of policy to control violence.

Where have we seen power vacuums so far in Module TWO? Who has risen to fill those vacuums? Consider
the role of power vacuums at many levels in regard to gang violence; the level of the family unit, of urban and
municipal government, in international relations. What is the relationship between power vacuums and

2. R Studio Liner Regression‘ICE&featu

3. Deliverables

Submit your analysis report by addressing the following critical areas:

Introduction: give some background and context about the domain of application, provide the rationale for
the type of analysis, and state the objective clearly.

Analysis: describe the data both qualitatively and quantitatively through exploratory analysis. perform
necessary preprocessing activities, give some intuition about the algorithm and core parameters,
demonstrate the model building steps along with parameter tuning, and explain all your assumptions.

Result: explain the result and interpret the model output using terms that reflect the application area,
perform model evaluation using the appropriate metrics, and leverage visualization.

Conclusion: summarize your main findings, discuss experimental limitations related to the data and/or




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