Sandel: Episode 1

Watch this video (, In part 1, he is discussing the consequential moral reasoning versus the categorical approach.

Review part two(29:22) that discusses the historical events involving four persons in a capsized ship that forced three members to “murder” one in order to survive.
Write an essay consisting of four(4) paragraphs:
1.Research the newspaper account of this event and/other associated literature and give a 4-6 sentence summary of the events and the verdict of the jury;
2.Do you agree with the verdict of the jurors – why? If not, how would you have acted and voted as a juror. Whatever your position, your decision must be explained in a paragraph that contains sound reasoning.
3.What would be your reaction if Parker consented? A lottery process? Would this make it more appropriate?
4.A paragraph that explains the consequential/categorical position that leads to your decision.

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