Business plan for cash wash

Write a business plan for Tarmac car wash Limited. It’s at a location where there is any car wash. The car wash will also include an off licence where customers and passerby can come in and buy stuff such as drinks, snack and other basic everyday need but no alcohol.

The location is at Authorised Vehicle Area at Terminal 5 Heathrow. postcode: TW6 2EQ.

There is no cash wash facilities within the area to compete.

The AVA has just been recently created by Heathrow. The AVA has vehicle waiting daily without washing facilities nor and off licence.

Tarmac car wash will have 8 employees working for 9 hours daily.

I estimate an average of 100 cars a day at £ 10 per each washing.

The cost of canopy and chemical to be used and cost of ground should be included. Please you can add any other you deem is necessary to be included.

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