Case Study


Please use the following information to develop an IEP for this case study.

Child’s Name: Dillion
Child’s Age: 4yrs

Family Background Dillion lives with his mother and younger brother. Mom works full-time in a local business office. She also has a part-time job in the evening. He attends Head Start and his grandmother takes care of him and his brother while his mother works at night. The family lives in small apartment with mom’s mother.
Medical Background Dillion does not have a significant medical history. He was born full term and has been healthy.
Services History Dillion has not received any related services previously. He attended Early Head Start.
Evaluation Results Using the Brigance, developmental results are as follows:
Cognitive development (48 months) – problem solves, counts to 10, sings ABCs, engages is dramatic play. Identifies simple shapes, colors, and numerals to 10.
Language development (24 months) – uses two word sentences, typically responds to questions with one to two words, struggles to use language to express himself, up to 75 percent of language is unintelligible, Able to produce “m”, “b”, “h” “T” “D”. Vocabulary of 50 words. Uses one- two word to request example “snack”. Not asking questions. Able to receptive label but struggles label expressively. Uses simple sign. Expresses wants and needs by gestures, crying, and one-two words and approximations.
Gross motor development (48 months) – kicks, runs, squats, jumps, uses playground equipment, balances.
Fine motor development (48 months) – holds writing tools between index finger and thumb, puts objects in containers of varying sizes, draws a circle and “pictures consisting of 3-4 recognizable parts.
Social emotional development (48 months) – interacts well with peers and adults, initiates and sustains peer and adult interactions, gets frustrated when not understood. When not understood, he sometimes cries and may throw materials and throw his body down to the floor.
Adaptive development (48 months) – feeds self with utensils, wipes nose and face, toilet trained, dresses self, zips zippers, undo’s snaps.
Eligibility Information Dillion was found eligible for special education services as a child with Developmental Delay.
Strengths Seems to enjoy school, responds to verbal and physical prompts, follow directions, participates in all academic tasks. Participates in age appropriate functional play, including imaginary and cooperative play, and has several preferred peer play partners in his class. Enjoys coloring and is beginning to use scissors to cut shapes with straight lines.
Opportunities Struggles to express himself, peers and adults cannot understand him. Unable to produce f, k, g sounds, and often omits beginning and end sounds in words (Example: snack is “Nah” Often expresses his frustration by crying.
Successful Strategies/
Environments Responds well in most classrooms/environments, may need verbal models or opportunities for visual supports. Uses sign for simple requests.

Part 2: IEP Writing: Serving as a Professional Resource (CEC 7.2)
Collaboratively, candidates will write an IEP for the assigned case-study child with their
PLC using the IEP form posted to Blackboard. The IEP will include the following (see
Deiner, 2013, p. 113 and

Write an IEP for the child described above in 5 different domains.
Physical domain
Cognative Domain

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