Select any type of risk factor that can occur in older adults; this can be one discussed in class (for example, bereavement, depression, or Alzheimer’s Disease), or one not covered that you are interested in. Please be as focused as you can be in selecting a risk factor. For example, choose “retirement” rather than “life stressors,” or “misuse of pain medications,” rather than “Substance misuse.”

One you have selected a risk factor, identify at least 5 (and no more than 7) research articles on this topic. The articles could cover both what is known about the risk factor, and what is known about resilience from the risk factor (for example, articles on what factors make someone more or less resilient; articles on interventions to improve resilience among those experiencing the risk factor).

An article on any type of research is fine- a large survey, interviews, an intervention study, a case study, etc. The article must be published in an academic journal and identified as research, however. Review articles that summarize several articles are not ideal for this assignment- if you find a review article, it would be preferable to select a few articles cited in that review and focus on them. While you can refer to articles used in class or to the videos and articles from the Reflection Paper, these would not count as one of the 5-7 articles.

Because older adults are understudied, if you are unable to find 5 articles on your selected risk factor using an older adult population, it is fine to use articles from other age groups.

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