Business Organisations and environment in a global context


The assignment requires students to submit a 2300-word report by 19th of March. The report will require an analysis of the general business environment in the country that the student has been allocated (mine is Spain), as well as relevant information on the organisation that they have chosen. An important feature of the report is that it should be focused around a particular business organisation. Therefore, the report should essentially provide an analysis of a specific organisation of a student’s choice, that may be looking to expand its business activities in relation to the particular country that they have been allocated(Spain). The scenario to be considered could either be concerned with the establishment of a company or an extension of its current operations within the country ie it should relate to a foreign direct investment. Students should attempt to relate specific aspects relating to the type of the nature of the organisation with the main factors issues and consideration affecting the business environment in that country. The report should include relevant tables, graphs and statistics, together with an accompanying commentary of these, in order to provide specific details- especially with regards to the business environments. Students will also be expected to develop some of their discussion around at least one appropriate analytical framework eg PESTLE analysis and PORTER’S 5 FORCES.

Things to include:
Background of business, ownership, structure, headquaters.
Background of the country (Spain) and business environment.
1) Political decisions that may affect or impact businesses in Spain.
2) The impact on the economy and how that will help the business to grow?
3) Changes in rules and regulations that may affect busineses in spain.
4) Political stability.
5) Mitigations of risk (FDI).

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