Economic slave class” in post-civil war/reconstruction era America

Creation of an “economic slave class” in post-civil war/reconstruction era America

Structure: The structure of this paper will be typical of an essay: an introduction with a specific and argumentative thesis (3-4 points), body paragraphs supporting the thesis and a conclusion.

Style and Format: This paper should be about 5-7 pages long, typed, double spaced and must follow the format and style requirements listed below.
? Margins 1”, font size 12, font must be Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman ONLY
? Must contain name, title and assignment name
? No first person (I, my, we) or second person (you) unless otherwise instructed
? Numbers (unless they are dates) must be spelled out
? Citations-There must be footnotes and a bibliography in MLA style.
Sources: For this paper you are requirement to incorporate both primary and secondary sources. You must use at least 2 primary and 3 scholarly secondary sources. You may only use scholarly sources such as books and journals (NO WIKIPEDIA). Each of your secondary sources must be a different media (for example, one could be a book, another a scholarly journal and the last one a podcast, film, etc.).

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