Personal Control Beliefs


Personal Control Beliefs – (Literature Review)

Decide which personal control belief topic to explore deeper in this assignment. Empirical articles present original research conducted or personally observed by the author(s). For this assignment, you are to select 3 articles for comparison. The articles you select must include the following elements: a description of the study, an introduction, a research question, an explanation of the study’s methodology, a presentation of the results of the study, and a conclusion that discusses the results and suggests topics for further study.

To successfully complete the assignment:

Locate three (3) empirical, research-based articles for one of the following personal control belief topics: motivation to exercise personal control, self-efficacy, mastery beliefs, learned helplessness, reactance theory, hope, and expectancy-value model.
Write a paper that compares the three empirical articles. The paper will include the following elements (use these as headings):
Introduction (250 words)

The title of each study
The author of each study
Comparison of the purposes of each study
Comparison of the authors’ statements of why the study is important
Research Questions (150 words)

Comparison of the research questions posed in the studies
Sample Populations (100 words)

Comparison of the sample populations used in the studies
Results (575 words)

Comparison of the results stated in the studies
Conclusion (575 words)

Discussion of the limitations of the studies
Comparison of the conclusions from the studies
Comparison of topics suggested for future study

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