Project(Category Strategy Report ): Dell


Write “Key factor and Uncertainties” part about Dell.
End of page is example.

Provide an in depth category and spend analysis of the Latin American export costs for Service Parts and to suggest a future cost reduction strategy. Senior Manager Rafael Garcia asked us to take a look at this specific area of spend because it was low priority, however, they needed someone to analyze the spend and discover a more effective way to manage exports.

We identified the highest export costs associated with the “C020” category, which is a group of 20 small Latin American countries that are not large enough to be a category of their own. Over time, the lack of consolidation and high export costs provided ample opportunity to discover and realize full cost savings potential for this area of spend.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (Separately and max 1 page) do last

This section should sell your 1-2 year category strategy to senior management in one page. Poorly sold strategies won’t get their attention.

Summarize the main points of the report, touching on each section, but focus on justifying your overall recommendations. Try to answer the following in one page:
• What is the purpose of the document & what is the strategic scope (i.e. what are the issues and who’s affected)?
• What are the key supply management and category-specific situations, and why do they require an analysis and strategic plan?
• What analyses/assessments were done and what were the major findings?
• What’s the overall aim and outline of the category strategy?
• What changes are needed to the category supply design? What are some general implementation timeframes, constraints, contingencies, and key resources/people?
• What is the financial impact of your strategy – i.e. cost savings, service improvement, risk abatement, etc.?


Dell Technologies is a computer company with ties to IT services and computer part production headquartered in Austin, Texas. The Global Logistics Services sector deals with the delivery of computers as well as parts (batteries etc.) and the return. This report primarily focuses on the Latin American sector of Global Logistics Services.
Dell Technologies:
• had a total of 61.1 Billion in Net Revenue in 2017 (Dell, 2017)
• employees 138,000 people
• has recently acquired companies such as EMC and VMwarein order to enter the
cloud computing/services market, for a total of 67 Billion (Dell, 2017)
in 2017 had 15.9% of worldwide PC market (Dunn, 2017)

Key Factors and Uncertainties

While all the above seems static, the future is always dynamic. Use this section to highlight and describe the FACTORS and UNCERTAINTIES related to the supply of this category (this demonstrates your understanding of the supply situation). This will be important for CONTINGENCY plans in the next section.

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