New Superintendent

New superintendent’s plan for working with his or her Board of Education

You are a new superintendent. Use the following guidelines to write a 7 page paper describing your plan for working with your Board of Education:
• Describe the items that you would want to clarify about your future working relationship with your Board.
• Describe the desired relationship that you would want to maintain with your Board Chairman and how you would establish it.
• Describe your practice for Board meeting agenda development and format.
• Identify particular people that you would want to get to know and how you see yourself interacting with these people in the future.
• Identify some community and state organizations that you would want to join or participate in.
• Once you become a superintendent you have substantial position power. Discuss the type of power relationships that you hope to maintain with the Board and with staff. Base your response on the discussion of power included in Chapter 3 in Fusarelli and Peterson.

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