The relationship between class and race inequality with a focus on education

analyze the relationship between class and race inequality and stratification in the U.S. Choose one specific area to focus your research focused on education)to describe how class and race intersect to create and maintain inequality. You must consider the role of income inequality, wealth inequality, power, status, access to resources, racial inequality, and the intersectionality of multiple factors throughout the paper.

After choosing a topic, do outside research to narrow down the topic. For example, you can study “ghettos and gated communities” or “access to healthy food in low-income areas” or “comparative levels of higher education between blacks and whites” among many other options.

Incorporate and cite at least two class required readings in your paper. Outside research is also required. At least six peer-reviewed academic sources are required for this research paper. The body of this paper must be eight pages (double spaced).

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