Security Administrator Handbook

One of the responsibilities of a Security Administrator is to create and document policies that protect the organization and guide users to making smart decisions.

Section 1: Main Body
In four to six (4-6) pages total, develop the basic procedures and guidelines that the organization must address to properly secure its corporate network and information assets in the followings seven (7) items:

1.Network Architecture and Security Considerations
2.Wireless Security
3.Remote Access Security
4.Laptop and Removable Media Security
5.Vulnerability and Penetration Testing
6.Physical Security
7.Guidelines for Reviewing and Changing Policies

Section 2: Policies
Develop the policies section of the handbook and include two to three (2-3) pages for each policy in which you define the policies used by the organization identifying the unique requirements of your industry. It must include, at a minimum, the following four (4) security policies:

1.Acceptable Use Policy
2.Password Policy
3.Incident Response Policy
4.User Awareness and Training Policy

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