Annotated Bibliography MLA 8 format


Prepare a running Annotated Bibliography.
A bibliography is a list of documents useful for research about a given topic. It literally means “the study of books,” from biblio- and –graphy. We use these documents as scholars to compile resources for ourselves and others to enter into a conversation about a chosen field. They may be specific or narrow, but they should have a guiding subject.
An annotated bibliography simply means that we will provide a summary of each resource, noting the general thesis, main points, and any particularly riveting or relevant quotations from the source. Your annotations should be two to five paragraphs in length with paragraphs of any size.
In preparation for Composition II, I am asking that you choose a subject relevant to writing or literature as your annotated bibliography subject. You may choose to compile sources related to a particular text, literary theory, author, poet, genre, movement, or historical time period. As well, you may choose to compile an annotated bibliography about aspects of technical writing, grammar/mechanics, aesthetics, or some other nuance of writing.
If none of this seems interesting to you, please contact me with a list of at least ten ideas for your annotated bibliography that is tangentially related to an aspect of writing or literature.
Your annotated bibliography must be a running list of THIRTY-TWO (32, or two each week of a sixteen week semester) scholarly, peer reviewed sources only from the past ten years. This means your sources must come from reputable, credible sources, likely contained within the Valencia online databases or library. Other state schools and universities will also house these items.
Please set up a meeting with a reference librarian for an explanation on how to find these resources in the library if you do not know how to do this. You may also see me for any questions, concerns, or general help.
This must be documented in MLA format. Please see example annotated bibliographies for guidance. (Because we have just switched to MLA 8, do note that these bibliographies will be in MLA 7. You must refer to OWL Purdue or the Valencia website for updated MLA 8 instructions.)

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