Advanced Nursing Practice Field Experience

Years ago, the role of the nurse was limited and easily described. In today’s world, the nurse’s role is complex and occurs in diverse settings with a broad client population. Often, nurses must combine several professional roles to manage the full range of their responsibilities. Nurses also manage roles that have limited domains of actual authority but large domains of influence (and vice versa). Master’s level nurses are now required to be leaders: whether formally or informally.

For this task, you will select a healthcare organization in your area to analyze and then prepare a consultative change recommendation paper. As part of your analysis, you will interview a nurse leader in the selected organization. Your consultative change recommendation paper should be 7–10 pages and in APA style. Although you are only submitting this paper to school as part of your requirement for this course, you should prepare this document as though you would present it to the executive board of the organization you analyzed.

You are a nursing consultant who has been assigned to analyze a healthcare organization in order to identify a change or improvement needed by the organization. In your analysis, you will use external measures such as HCAHPS scores, patient metrics, community needs, and comparisons to other facilities in area. After your analysis, you will write a consultative change recommendation to present to the executive board of the organization.
A. Write a consultative change recommendation paper (suggested length of 7–10 pages) by doing the following:

1. Identify the purpose of the consultation and provide a summary of the consultation process.

2. Describe the organization.

3. Explain the primary needs of the population served by this organization.

4. Describe the nurse leader’s role.

5. Identify the characteristics of the organization.

6. Recommend an organizational change based on your analysis.

a. Justify how your recommended change addresses the organization’s weaknesses and the community’s needs.

b. Identify a national benchmark of performance and describe a plan to measure the effectiveness of your recommended change.

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