Employee Relationship Practices within the Retail Banking Sector in Nepal

A critical Impact Analysis and Novel Conceptual Framework
What differences can be seen between the banks of Nepal and UK in terms of Employee Relationship Practices and how the practices that are prevalent in UK can be implemented in the banks of Nepal in terms of culture, ethics, framework, cultural models etc. which can ultimately enhance the practices in Nepal with the view to grow the profitability?
Short Abstract:
The major contribution to the extant published literature offered herein, is a Novel ERP (Employee Relation Practices) Framework that has been specifically tailored and fully localised for Nepalese retail banking local employee practices, cultural norms and de facto working practices.
Primary empirical data has been gathered first-hand via one to one and focus groups with key stakeholders working within selected major retail banks in Nepal.
Furthermore, we have instantiated herein as a minor contribution to the knowledge, a Novel Nepalese specific Human Resource (NNSHR) cultural model. This serves to validate the above mentioned Theoretical and Empirical methodologies.
Furthermore, it constitutes of itself, a minor contribution to the extant literature

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