Hodson and Sullivan – Chapter 4, Work and Family Discussion


Required Readings: Hodson and Sullivan Chapter 4. Work and Family

This week you will select an organization with which you are familiar. The purpose of this discussion is to compare the theory reported in the texts with the actual experience of a specific organization.

1. Consider how meaningful work at your organization has has changed over the last 75 years, or if it did not exist 75 years ago, how it has changed since its founding.

2. Note that many of these changes have affected – and been affected by – race, class, and gender. How have these changes affected your organization’s work force?

3. Looking to the future make a prediction of how race, class and/or gender will be related to work in the future. How do you expect your organization’s provision of meaningful work be different for employees born in 2012?

4. Give reasons for your prediction.

Your substantive comment should be short, no more than 3-5 sentences for each key term, and one or two paragraphs for your predictions.

You will use at least five of the following terms in in your posting, defining the term and showing how it relates to your organization.

Remember to support your view with citations from the assigned readings, supplementary readings, and your own individual research. You submissions will be graded using the Discussion Participation Rubric. I suggest that you use the rubric to grade your posting before you submit it.

Key Terms: Please BOLD the key terms when you refer to them in the text. Don’t forget to cite the required reading and other sources you may use.
Master social status
Social class
Intergenerational social mobility
Intragenerational social mobility
Opportunity structure
Cultural division of labor
Occupational steering
Occupational segregation
Affirmative action
Statistical discrimination
Glass ceiling
Comparable worth
Sexual harassment

Additional enrichment materials. You will not be tested on these materials, but they may be helpful in he discussions. The last two might even result in angry laughter.



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