Integrating Management: Innovation and Leadership


Conduct an in-depth evaluation (using publicly available information) of the organization assigned to you (Microsoft) and prepare a 2500 word Innovation Report.

The report will include the following sections:

The business case for innovation
Provide justification for prioritising innovation in the organisation.
Leadership challenges
What are the main leadership challenges facing the organisation? What can be done to overcome them?
Use theoretical frameworks from the module content to write this section.
Innovation challenges
What are the main challenges the organisation is facing in relation to innovation? What needs to change?
Use theoretical frameworks from the module content to write this section.
A framework for innovation
What are the organisational priorities in relation to leadership and innovation? Provide your recommendations to address the organisational challenges you identified in the sections above.
Appendices (Optional)

Additional guidelines for the report will be attached.

Please use only academic sources, articles, journals and books.

Please use core texts:

Tidd, J. and Bessant, J. (2013) Managing Innovation. (5thEdition) New York: John Wiley & Sons.

McSweeney, B. (2015) Hall, Hofstede, Huntington, Trompenaars, GLOBE: Common Foundations, Common Flaws in Yvette Sáchez and Claudia Franziska Brühwiller (Eds.) Transculturalism and Business in the BRIC States. Gower, 13-58.

Harvard Style citations, 19 Sources. Innovation and leadership.

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