Monolog: ″The voice of Sadako″


The Divine Wind by Garry Disher

Respond to particular situations in the novel. Although the responses are to be creative in nature, the text must remain central to this task. Appropriate development of the original material is encouraged.

The focus is the voice of Sadako Sennosuke

The task is in three parts:
1. A reflection/interior monologue on hearing of her husband’s being lost at sea
2. A reflection/interior monologue on receiving the compensation money from Mike Penrose
3. A letter to her dead husband after the Festival of the Lanterns.

Write as if you were Sadako
Write them all on the same sheet, just give each the right heading.

Word limit: 600 words minimum. Each piece does not have to be the same length as the others.

Assessment criteria:
Understanding of the characters, ideas and plot in the novel
Appropriate development of ideas and events in the novel
Understanding of the historical and social context of the novel

Use of the interior monologue/narrative/diary/reflection text type- remember that Sadako is Japanese, despite this, her interior thoughts would be fluent. Therefore you must write in fluent English for these pieces.
Appropriate vocabulary: this 40s Australia
Tone: develop a suitable voice for Sadako
Fluency of expression

Editing planning and drafting

Shows evidence of planning, drafting and editing of writing to improve organisation, sentence structure, vocabulary and/or visual features to achieve particular purposes and effects.

You may wordprocess or handwrite this work.
Here’s how to lay out the work. I’ve included some scenarios to help get you focussed on the moment:

1. Sadako learns of her husband’s being lost at sea.
SCENARIO: She has been told, neighbours have been round to comfort her.
Now everyone has gone and she has time to think.

2. Mike Penrose has been round to give her the compensation money for Zeke’s death.
SCENARIO: Mike has left and she goes to bed and gathers her thoughts.

3. Sadako’s letter to her husband
SCENARIO: After the Festival of Lanterns she goes home and writes a letter to her husband.

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