Threaded Discussion: Who is God? Who are We?

A Narrative Approach – Study of the Pentateuch.

This first section of both the Christian and Hebrew Scriptures is referred to by many names–The Books of the Law, The Law, The Law of Moses. But for the purposes of our study, we will be referring to this grouping of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy as the Torah.

Before we begin our look at the individual books (scrolls) of the Torah, we will begin by discussing our hermeneutic – the interpretive approach we will take in this course. As you will read in the course notes, we will be taking a narrative approach in this study. While many other, more “scientific” approaches are available, the narrative approach to me is the most personal. As a Pentecostal, it has the appeal of being more open to the “interruption” of the Holy Spirit as He leads and guides us through the story which He has breathed. It is my desire that this approach allow us to find ourselves “in the text,” experiencing Scripture with those about whom we read. I hope you find yourself in the Garden with Adam and Eve, in the land of Nod with Cain, on the ark with Noah or on the plains of Shinar. May you experience the anguish of Abraham in Moriah as he prepares to sacrifice the son of promise and the determination of Jacob as he wrestles at Peniel. Over and over, in story after story, the Torah takes us on a journey of discovery as Yahweh unveils Himself in intimate relationship with humanity. Ultimately, this journey – if we will allow it – will lead us to discover our own intimate relationship with our Father, our Creator.

Along the way, we will have the opportunity to share this journey of discovery with one another through our Threaded Discussions. We will also gain much wisdom, insight and detail from the authors of our required texts – Terence Fretheim and Walter Brueggemann – two profoundly accomplished scholars. We will be reading select passages from the Torah, but ideally you will take the time to read each of the five books as we study, not just for academic purposes, but as a means of spiritual growth.
1.1 Text/Media
Textbook: Interpreting Biblical Texts: The Pentateuch

Read Interpreting Biblical Texts: The Pentateuch, Preface & Chapter 1.
Read Genesis 1-3.
1.3 Threaded Discussion: Who is God? Who are We?
Here, we will critically reflect on the nature of God and the nature of man. Further, we will seek to better understand who God is, and who we are in light of His redemptive plan. As revealed in the Pentateuch, God has reached out to humanity by his divine goodness and grace, yet under the divine edict of divine law.

For your initial post of at least 100 words and based on the reading, discuss:
a. Who God is and our relationship to Him.
b. What characteristics of God are seen here?
c. What characteristics of humanity are seen?
d. What are the interactions?

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